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Drug addiction not only affects your life as an individual, but the lives of everyone around you, those who care about you and want to be by your side. When getting clean you expect treatment to be effective and safe. Drug detox programs Hamilton strive to provide the best available service for your rehabilitation needs.

When entering our drug detox facilities you can rest assure that you will be in good hands, from the moment you arrive. Whether inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment is better for your case, our medical professionals and counselors will be supporting you every step of the way.

The first step of your rehabilitation program is a comprehensive detoxification. Hamilton medical detox provides just that to stabilize and prevent complications that could arise from your withdrawal symptoms.

Whenever you start getting clean, your body reacts to the chemical changes that come from drug absence. Hamilton medical detox assists you by providing medication (if necessary) to ease out your symptoms, keep you pain free and ensure you remain safe.

Our drug detox facilities highly recommend that you do your detoxification process under medical supervision. Drug detox programs Hamilton offer the medical expertise to avoid health complications and risks that could put your life in danger if you tried to get clean on your own.

Withdrawal symptoms can go from mild to severe rapidly, and escalate into life-threatening situations if you don't receive the appropriate medical care on time.

Drug detox programs Hamilton also works on your psychological issues helping you identify and understand the underlying aspects of an addiction. This way, you learn from your disease and are able to recognize what caused it and/or what triggers have contributed to it.

Hamilton medical detox also provides with emotional and psychological preparation prior to you starting the actual rehabilitation phase; this means that you not only start rehab with a clean, substance-free system, but with the right mentality to make sure your program is successful.

After having a "clean slate" sort to speak, you are ready to get rehabilitated. Our drug detox facilities and rehabilitation center offer customized treatment to fit your particular needs and tackle all aspects of your case.

When you take part in one of our drug detox programs Hamilton at our center, you can expect to engage in therapeutic modalities that will be adjusted to your needs and comfort. Whether you need individual therapy, coupes or family therapy, recovery-oriented therapy, trauma therapy or a 12-step program, each will be tailored to you.

In addition to these traditional modalities, our drug detox programs Hamilton offer supplemental activities that serve as new coping skills and mechanisms to fight off old triggers that could cause a relapse.

Among those holistic approaches, our center offers equine therapy, acupuncture therapy, pain management and yoga to help you develop healthier habits that become a part of your new, substance-free lifestyle.

Finally, our drug detox facilities and rehabilitation programs help you develop your continuous care plan. This aftercare is a set guideline that helps you maintain your sobriety long after you've completed a treatment.

The aftercare plan is your backbone, your space to confide and rely on whenever you need support or comfort. It serves as a schedule of coping mechanisms, close family members and counselors that you can go to whenever you need reassurance, or simply vent about the challenges you've faced after rehab.

Each and every step of the way, our Specialists will be available to guide and support you, no matter what.

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