Drug Addiction Rehab in Hamilton, NJ

Drug rehab in Hamilton addresses each aspect of addiction, taking a patient from the initial phases of detoxification all of the way to rehabilitation. The path is a tedious one requiring all of the emotional support a person can get along with the personal resolve to shake the hold that drugs has on the individual's mind and body. Drug addiction is nearly impossible to break on your own, which is why most patients turn to a drug rehab facility for help.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug addiction rehab is the shortened version of the phrase drug addiction rehabilitation, and it refers to the treatment of addiction for the purposes of providing long-term recovery for the individual who is suffering with this condition. Drug rehab in Hamilton is a multi-faceted process involving detoxification, individual therapy, group sessions, and possibly several additional therapeutic approaches. It can also require the use of medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms or treat secondary problems caused by the addiction.

Types of Addiction

Addiction is the term used to explain an individual's strong reliance on drugs or alcohol. It refers to the inability to stop using drugs or alcohol despite the realization that every aspect of a person's life is being negatively impacted by this destructive behavior. Alcohol or drug addiction rehab is the phrase commonly used to refer to the process used to break the dependence an individual has on drugs, alcohol, or both.

When a person has a drug or alcohol addiction, this problem changes the way their mind and body responds because these substances create physical changes that affect the way people act as well as in the way their organs function. As the name implies, alcohol addiction involves an unusually strong need to drink alcoholic beverages, and drug addiction refers to the compulsive taking of one or more drugs on a regular basis. The drugs can be prescriptive medication or illegal substances. Treatment for both of these conditions typically involves a stay at a drug rehab facility along with continued participation in a community group setting.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Many of the symptoms of alcohol or drug addiction can be easily mistaken as signs of other issues such as not getting enough sleep each night or not eating properly. Therefore, it isn't always easy to recognize that a family member has an addiction until it has taken a strong hold on the individual. The following symptoms often occur when an addiction to drugs or alcohol exists:

  • Reclusive behavior, including not spending time with friends or family
  • Depression and/or apathy in general
  • Feeling tired all or most of the time
  • Poor personal hygiene, including not bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, or wearing clean clothes
  • A tendency to have uncharacteristic mood swings
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Interpersonal difficulties with family, friends, and coworkers
  • Forgetting things, including birthdays, appointments, and prescription medication

People with drug or alcohol addiction usually cannot heal themselves. This is a serious condition that requires medical insight, therapeutic sessions, and emotional support. If you or a loved one has several of these symptoms and believe that your use of alcohol or drugs could be the cause, you might consider checking into a drug rehab facility for treatment.

Treatment Options for Drug Rehab in Hamilton

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, professional help such as that provided through drug rehab in Hamilton is typically required to successfully bring a person out of addiction. Treatment at a drug rehab facility is a comprehensive process that addresses each aspect of the addiction, including physical and mental reasons behind the person's drug or alcohol problem. Since many addictions have deep-rooted issues behind them, drug addiction rehab encourages mental and physical changes in order to break the cycle of addiction.

Inpatient drug addiction rehab requires a stay at a qualified drug rehab facility, where the individual undergoes professionally managed detoxification and therapy to end the addiction. Not only must the reliance on drugs or alcohol be broken, but unresolved emotional issues must also be addressed in order to heal the person's psyche and promote the ability to avoid destructive behavior in the future.

Outpatient drug addiction rehab requires the patient to attend day programs at a recognized facility offering drug rehab in Hamilton. This type of program is often recommended for patients who have relapsed briefly and who have shown they have the resolve needed to weather this phase in their life. Despite the fact that patients can return home each night, treatment is intensive and typically involves a blend of individual and group therapy sessions.

Our relapse prevention programs in Hamilton teach patients coping skills on how to deal with cravings to further prevent relapse. They can also utilize the tools taught in this program in every aspect of their lives to ensure a long lasting recovery.

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