Inpatient Rehab in Hamilton, NJ

For individuals struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction, inpatient rehab in Hamilton may provide the best option for recovery. This type of situation encompasses therapeutic benefits for the physical, cognitive, and mental aspects of drug use.

Inpatient rehab for addiction is tailored to the needs of the patient, providing personalized care in a safe environment. An inpatient rehab treatment center is set up to minimize distractions so that the patient can focus on the steps needed to transition from detoxification to rehabilitation. The path is not always easy, but it is always possible.

What is Inpatient Rehab in Hamilton?

Our inpatient rehab treatment center is designed to deliver comprehensive programs and therapy that address each aspect of drug addiction toward an end goal of breaking the destructive pattern of behavior that brought the patient to this point in the first place. Not only do the patients receive guidance, support, and understanding from treatment professionals, but they also obtain positive support from their peers without judgment in a comfortable, friendly environment. This treatment option is highly recommended for patients experiencing severe addictions or who have had legal difficulties involving criminal activity.

Inpatient rehab for addiction offers an intensive round of treatment geared toward full recovery for the individual. It provides a living situation devoid of temptation, peer pressure, and the triggers that lead to drug or alcohol consumption. During the time the patient spends at the inpatient rehab treatment center, relapse is nearly impossible since the patient remains at the facility for twenty-four hours a day, eliminating the possibility of obtaining illegal drugs or alcohol.

How long Does Inpatient Rehab Usually Last?

Inpatient rehab in Hamilton offers the safety and calm of a drug-free environment for individuals who are trying to break out of destructive patterns of behavior. For some patients, it is the fastest way to detox. Nonetheless, how long inpatient rehab for addiction lasts actually depends on the circumstances surrounding a specific patient's drug use, including drug of choice, number of years living with addiction, and the underlying mental and/or emotional issues.

If an addict has an underlying psychological disorder, then they have something called a "dual diagnosis." Our dual diagnosis programs in Hamilton treats both the addiction and the psychological disorder to ensure a more effective recovery.

The length of stay at this type of facility might last several months or it might take as little as a single week. The patient's receptiveness to treatment is the most telling factor in how long someone will be required to stay at the facility before they receive the go ahead to transition to the next phase of their treatment. In therapeutic communities (TC), patients typically sign on for six to twelve months of treatment.

What are the Benefits of Entering an Inpatient Rehab in Hamilton?

The benefits of voluntarily choosing to stay in an inpatient rehab treatment center are numerous. They include the following aspects:

  • Continual network of support
  • Access to immediate medical attention
  • Drug and alcohol free environment
  • Ongoing therapeutic treatment
  • 24/7 avoidance of bad influences such as drug dealers, friends who use drugs or alcohol, and places that trigger the desire to use drugs or alcohol
  • 24/7 access to good nutrition
  • Structured environment that offers a clear path to keeping busy, participating in therapy, and undergoing treatment in a reliable, consistent manner

Additional benefits of opting for inpatient rehab for addiction include access to individualized care and a variety of therapeutic encounters that have proven reliable in treating addiction and sustaining recovery. These advantages include:

  • 12-step facilitation counseling -- operates on the premise of patient acceptance and involvement in a program that takes the patient through twelve individual steps
  • Psychotherapy -- identifies and treats underlying mental and emotional issues
  • Family therapy -- involves other family members in an effort to dissolve dysfunctional behaviors within the family unit

Why Should I Enter an Inpatient Rehab?

Unfortunately, some people will do everything they can to avoid going to inpatient rehab in Hamilton. Don't let this knowledge fool you into thinking it is a bad idea to go. It is actually a very good idea that could be responsible for saving your life. Some people just have difficulty letting go of control over their own life.

Yes, it does sound silly, considering that once they began using drugs they voluntarily gave up that control. Some patients also have a fear of the unknown. Will they be able to handle it? What will it be like? Even if the person struggling with the addiction wants to quit, it can be scary to actually take that step, particularly if the drug or alcohol use has been going on for months or years.

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